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Dirt, dirt, we want dirt; it helps us grow!

Spread the Word and Help the Hungry!

Is there some way we can serve you better? Something another food pantry offers we could do to save you time? Are you thankful for the food you received and want to tell the whole world? Here’s your chance.

Simply take a video of yourself answering the following questions for a testimonial and send it to Heather@FoodPantryToledo.org or upload it to your YouTube and send us a link so we can add it to our syndicated playlists.

1. What brought you to Greater Grace Food Pantry?

2. How did you hear about GGFP?

3. What was your biggest doubt about GGFP?

4. What surprised you the most about GGFP?

5. What are the 3 biggest benefits you’ve received from GGFP?

6. What would you tell your best friend in doubt about GGFP?

7. Do you attend other food pantries? If so, why?

8. Is there anything else we can do to serve you better?

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