Volunteer Opportunities at Our Choice Food Pantry in Toledo


Welcome Greater Grace Food Pantry Volunteers in Toledo! Fueled by sponsors and dedicated volunteers, many of whom were once pantry members, we are ending hunger in Toledo and beyond.

Fueling Hope: Sponsors and Dedicated Volunteers Ending Hunger

Join Us: Crucial Roles in Unloading, Stocking, and Assisting Members

As a vital part of our mission, volunteers assist with unloading donations, stocking shelves, and aiding members in food selection. “What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?” Your time and effort multiply into significant benefits for you and everyone around you.

Beyond the Pantry Walls: Addressing Childhood Hunger in Toledo

free-food-pantry-greater-grace-choice-food-pantry-toledo-food-038Make an Impact: Inviting Groups and Individuals to Help End Hunger

Beyond our pantry walls, one in five children struggle with hunger in Toledo. We invite groups and individuals to join us against hunger, building bridges out of poverty for our neighbors.

Diverse Volunteer Opportunities Await You

Administrative Roles: Filing, Mailing, Sorting – Your Support Matters!

Warehouse Experiences: Hands-On Sorting, Packaging, Labeling, and More

Special Events: Engage in Food Drives and Distribution Days

Explore diverse volunteer opportunities, from administrative roles to hands-on experiences in our warehouse. Engage in special events like food drives or directly assist shoppers on our distribution days.

How can I volunteer from home?

Volunteer Role Description Responsibilities Skills Required
Virtual Fundraising Coordinator Plan and organize online fundraising campaigns. – Coordinate virtual events for fundraising.
– Engage with donors and supporters online.
Fundraising experience, online event coordination, communication skills.
Grant Research and Writing Research potential grants and funding opportunities. – Identify grant opportunities.
– Assist in writing grant proposals and applications.
Research skills, writing skills, attention to detail.
Social Media Manager Manage social media accounts to promote the food pantry. – Create and schedule engaging content.
– Interact with online community.
– Share updates and success stories.
Social media management, content creation, communication skills.
Graphic Design and Content Creation Design promotional materials and create visual content. – Design infographics, flyers, and other promotional materials.
– Create content for newsletters, website, and social media.
Graphic design skills, creativity, proficiency in design tools.
Data Entry and Analysis Assist in data entry and organization of client information. – Enter and organize client data.
– Analyze data to provide insights for improvement.
Data entry skills, organizational skills, basic data analysis.
Online Outreach and Advocacy Advocate for the food pantry’s mission and services online. – Engage with online communities.
– Raise awareness about hunger and food insecurity.
Advocacy skills, online community engagement, communication skills.
Remote Customer Service Representative Answer emails and inquiries from clients and community members. – Provide information about pantry services.
– Respond to client inquiries and concerns.
Customer service skills, communication skills, responsiveness.
Telephone Check-ins Make phone calls to home-bound individuals to check on well-being. – Conduct regular check-ins via phone.
– Offer emotional support and connect individuals to relevant services.
Compassion, active listening, communication skills.
Translation Services Provide translation services for pantry materials and communications. – Translate documents and communications.
– Assist non-English speaking clients with language barriers.
Proficiency in multiple languages, translation skills.
Remote Volunteer Coordinator Assist in coordinating virtual volunteer activities and schedules. – Coordinate virtual volunteer efforts.
– Communicate with volunteers through online platforms.
Organizational skills, communication skills, volunteer coordination.
Online Cooking Class Instructor Conduct virtual cooking classes to teach nutrition and meal prep. – Plan and conduct virtual cooking classes.
– Create simple and budget-friendly recipes.
Culinary knowledge, teaching skills, online presentation.
Technology Support Provide technical assistance to clients accessing online resources. – Assist with technical issues related to virtual services.
– Provide support for online tools and platforms.
Technical proficiency, troubleshooting skills, patience.
Remote Counseling and Support Offer virtual counseling or support services to pantry clients. – Provide emotional support through virtual channels.
– Connect individuals with mental health resources.
Counseling skills, empathy, confidentiality.
Newsletter Editor Compile and edit content for regular newsletters. – Gather and edit content for newsletters.
– Keep volunteers and supporters informed about pantry activities.
Writing and editing skills, attention to detail, communication skills.
Remote Event Planner Plan and organize virtual events to engage the community. – Coordinate online workshops, webinars, or awareness campaigns.
– Engage with participants and ensure smooth execution of virtual events.
Event planning skills, online event coordination, communication skills.

How can I volunteer at Greater Grace choice food pantry in Toledo, Ohio?

Volunteer Role Description Responsibilities Skills Required
Client Services Assist clients in selecting food items Guide clients through the food pantry, help them choose items based on dietary needs, and provide a positive experience Good communication, empathy, and patience
Inventory Management Track and organize food inventory Keep track of incoming and outgoing inventory, restock shelves, and ensure proper storage of perishable items Organizational skills, attention to detail
Meal Preparation Prepare meals for distribution Help in cooking and packaging meals, following hygiene and safety guidelines Basic cooking skills, hygiene awareness
Distribution Hand out food items to clients Work at distribution points, ensuring clients receive the correct items, and maintaining an organized distribution area Physical stamina, ability to lift/move boxes
Registration Register new clients and update information Collect client information, verify eligibility, and update records as needed Data entry skills, attention to accuracy
Outreach and Advocacy Promote pantry services in the community Engage with the community, distribute information, and advocate for pantry services Communication skills, community awareness
Administrative Support Assist with paperwork and office tasks Help with administrative tasks like filing, answering phones, and managing schedules Organizational skills, basic computer skills
Translator/Interpreter Assist non-English speaking clients Translate information for clients who don’t speak English or provide interpretation during interactions Fluency in relevant languages
Transportation Support Assist in delivering food to clients’ homes Drive or accompany delivery vehicles to transport food to clients unable to visit the pantry Valid driver’s license, access to a vehicle
Educational Workshops Conduct workshops on nutrition and cooking Organize and lead educational sessions on topics like healthy eating, meal planning, and cooking Knowledge of nutrition, presentation skills

Service Opportunities for Meaningful Contributions

free-food-pantry-greater-grace-choice-food-pantry-toledo-food-059Daily Operations: Insights into Homelessness and Support for Neighbors

Tailored Experiences: Fulfill Service Hour Requirements or Seek Community Service

Looking for service opportunities? Contribute to our daily operations, gaining insights into homelessness and supporting financially insecure neighbors in Toledo. Whether a student fulfilling service hour requirements or an adult seeking meaningful community service, we offer tailored opportunities.

Join Greater Grace Food Pantry Family

free-food-pantry-greater-grace-choice-food-pantry-toledo-food-026Student Service Opportunities: Tailored for 5th-12th Grade Students

Court-Ordered Program: Community Service Hours for Social Services or Court Orders

Join us in making a difference at the Greater Grace Food Pantry. We welcome teens and adults for Student Service Opportunities (5th-12th grade) and offer a Court-Ordered Community Service Volunteer Program.

Together, Let’s End Hunger in Toledo!

Thank You for Considering Volunteering with Greater Grace Food Pantry!

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